SEO & Content Manager Portfolio | Saeid Kajkolah

Growth Account Manager

Growth Account Manager

Drunk Web

Digital agency

DrunkWeb is a digital marketing agency that helps businesses connect with their customers through creative and effective strategies. They offer services such as SEO, social media, content creation, shooting, market research, planning, implementation, and evaluation. They are passionate about storytelling and communication, and they aim to “drink up the competition” with their innovative solutions. I worked for DrunkWeb in different areas, but mostly my responsibility was around designing social media posts for Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube videos.

I also interacted with customers and partnered with them on co-creating content.

As a result, I designed some reels that we published on both our and our partners’ profiles to help us expand our reach.

Account Progress Snapshot

Tiledesk Srl

Chatbot Platform

As a growth marketer at Tiledesk, a big part of my activities is about raising the company’s voice on social media. After analyzing the persona and the audiences on different social media platforms, we decided to move forward with LinkedIn as our primary source of generating B2B leads, and YouTube as a tutorial platform to share use cases and new features. 

Also, as we target B2C leads, we decided to maintain our presence on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to increase our target audience and generate B2C leads

Creating LinkedIn posts​ and Carousel

Webinars and Collaborative Growth Strategies

In our quest to amplify our brand presence, we’ve embarked on a journey of hosting engaging webinars and fostering follower growth. We’ve also initiated collaborative posts with other startups, creating a supportive ecosystem for mutual growth. The result is a significant surge in organic visitors during January and February 2024, as depicted in the accompanying image. This period marked a high point in our outreach efforts, demonstrating the effectiveness of our strategies.

Captain art

Community of artists and artisans

Captain Art, a vibrant platform for artists and artisans, was a project where I had the opportunity to serve as a Social Media Manager. Our primary focus was Instagram, where we fostered a dynamic community of artists and art enthusiasts through strategic collaborations. I was instrumental in designing a variety of marketing assets, including captivating Instagram collaboration posts. Some of these creative endeavors are showcased below, reflecting the essence of our artistic journey.

Designed Reels for Captain Art

Account Progress Snapshot

Padir CO

Global Mineral Supplier

As an Account Manager for Padir, an interior design company, I spearheaded a strategy to position Padir as a market leader. We enriched our social media presence by sharing valuable content, introducing renowned architects and their styles, and showcasing our materials. This approach successfully attracted architects and building engineers, turning our followers into potential clients for new materials and consultations.