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Marketing Automation & Conversational AI

Marketing Automation & Conversational AI

One of the most interesting areas I have recently delved into is marketing automation or conversational AI marketing. As a tech enthusiast, I have always been passionate about automating workflows to accomplish more in less time.

Fortunately, at Tiledesk, I have the opportunity to hone this skill. Tiledesk is an AI agent (also known as an AI chatbot) platform that helps businesses automate conversations and workflows.

I have created bots for various purposes, from appointment scheduling for banks to reservation-based companies like hotels and restaurants.

Below are some of the free chatbot templates I have designed and developed:

Chatbot Template to Boost Demo Requests

Increase web visitor engagement to boost demo request numbers.

Chatbot Template for Showcasing Products

Presenting pre-set products with extensive 

ChatGPT Integrated for Customer Feedback

Responding to customer feedback in a way that sounds human with ChatGPT

Chatbot Template to Boost Engagement

Promoting special offers and requesting customer details in return

Since a large portion of our customers at Tiledesk are in Ecommerce, I also needed to learn how to create an AI sales advisor. This AI can understand the users’ needs and recommend products based on them. For example, the user can define the budget, preferred colors, etc. for a set of chairs, and the bot, leveraging a product listing file, can make suggestions in seconds.

I have integrated many bots for our clients using the most recent technology from OpenAI to create AI Assistants and connect them to AI Agents.

Below, I will share some of the bots and their tutorials that I have created and shared on Tiledesk’s YouTube channel.