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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Tiledesk Srl


Tiledesk is a software development company based in Italy that revolutionizes how businesses interact with customers. With its innovative chatbot and live chat technology, Tiledesk has quickly gained attention and funding from the government and industry experts. The company aims to reach its market, generate and qualify leads and develop its chatbot technology.

Keyword & Market Research

  • Perform in-depth keyword research using methods such as Keyword Golden Ratio, SEMRUSH keyword score, and MOZ keyword analysis
  • Conduct market research, including competitor analysis, keyword gap analysis, and identifying trendy topics in the niche
  • Start with low competitive keywords due to website traffic being under 30 per day
  • Read and modify all existing published content by Tiledesk
  • Use Google Ads to generate ideas and topics for the next topic’s content
  • Designed editorial plan for 60 days, incorporating topics and keywords

SEO Strategy

I used the HubSpot model, which includes pillars, clusters, and hyperlinks.
First, I defined a few pillars that were broad enough to cover a range of subtopics. Then, I wrote in-depth articles for each subtopic and linked them back to their respective pillar using hyperlinks.
This strategy allowed the pillars and subtopics to rank together and support each other’s authority.

SEO Audit and Improvements

I performed an SEO audit before creating new content, which identified the following technical issues with the website:

  • Pages with links to broken pages
  • Orphanpages
  • Duplicate pages without canonical tags
  • Large image file sizes
  • Pages with no outgoing links
  • Missing or empty title tags

I addressed each of these issues one by one to improve the website’s search engine visibility, traffic, and user experience.

The image below illustrates the outcome of the latest SEO audit after implementing the modifications.

Writing SEO-optimized Content

Despite the high competition in the chatbot market, I managed to identify low competition keywords that attracted a significant number of new visitors to our website.

To improve our search engine rankings, I wrote both listicle and tutorial articles. Additionally, I reached out to relevant websites and engaged in backlink exchanges.

As a result, some of our articles are now ranking on the first page of the search engine results page (SERP).

As the keywords target different locations, the ranking might be a bit different.

Also, here you can find other blog articles that I have recently published at Tiledesk.

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Martech, Consultech & Content strategy

Digital360 is pioneering in two rapidly growing innovative business areas: MarTech, which is the digital transformation of marketing and sales, and ConsulTech, which is the technological revolution in consultancy.

As a keyword researcher and market researcher I contribute to the company’s innovative approach. During this period, I work with a team in the Lead Generation sector. We support the company in different marketing and communication activities.

A part of my internship at Digital360, culminated in my Master’s thesis titled ‘HubSpot Partners in Latin America’.


Multilingual keyword research
Market research and analysis
Define a list of digital agency companies in LATAM

My Roles:

Market researcher Keyword researcher Competitors analysis

Keyword research

We collaborated with Matchplat to find potential customers through NACE code and keyword research both in English and Spanish


Analyzed Monthly access and Total keywords of competitors
Evaluated HubSpot partners in Latin America
Applied SEMRUSH to analyze competitors’ trafEvaluated
Marketing Automation Industry
Used Matchplat to discover potential clients
We collaborated with Matchplat to find potential customers through NACE code and keyword research both in English and Spanish


As the company was applying the Merger and Acquisition strategy, we needed to find potential companies that were working in B2B and Marketing Automation industry.
In the countries of interest, we utilized HubSpot providers. The tables below present the results of our Mexico analysis.
Finally, we recommended ten companies and listed all of their services, clients, size, etc

HubSpot providers analysis

Barus Group

Global Mineral Supplier

As part of The Barus Group, Ishtar (B2B) supplies and trades a wide range of petroleum products, petrochemicals, and minerals. This Group has over ten years of worldwide trade expertise and is fully active in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Ishtar is a prominent activist in the region, exporting items to Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, China, India, CIS nations, and Persian Gulf countries.


Increase website visitors
Convert visits to sales
Get backlinks from high-authority websites

My Roles:

Perform site audit to identify broken links and enhance technical SEO

Conduct keyword research to identify less competitive long-tail keywords

Define website structure to establish page links and hierarchy

Use SEMRUSH to analyze keyword difficulty and generate relevant content

Develop an SEO content plan to enhance website rankings and boost organic traffic

Carry out market research to analyze competitor behavior

Write articles with targeted keywords such as “Bitumen manufacturer”, achieving second-page ranking on Google search results

Monitor and report on website ranking improvements using Google Analytics

Create backlinks to external pages to enhance search engine visibility


I worked as a content creator for the company for several years. I contributed to writing articles about various products, such as Diesel Fuel, Bitumen, Sodium Bicarbonate, etc.
I also initiated a campaign on Linkedin to network with content writers from other authoritative websites and persuade them to give us backlinks. I wrote overview for some of them or offered them a backlink in return.
I wrote many guest posts for different relevant websites.
All these efforts helped us rank on the first page of Google results for very competitive keywords.