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Web Designer
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Tiledesk Srl


Tiledesk is a platform specializing in conversational automation for customer engagement. It allows businesses to rapidly deploy AI-powered conversations across various channels, including web, WhatsApp, and Facebook. ​

Project: Website Redesign and Optimization

  • Roles: Content Writer, Designer, and Web Designer.
  • Approach: Focused on designing landing pages and optimizing the website to make it more engaging. Considered key factors such as target audience, purpose of the page, design and layout, call-to-action, and messaging while creating landing pages.
  • Design Contributions:
    • Landing Page Design: Created engaging and effective landing pages to drive conversions. Each page was meticulously designed considering the target audience and the goal of the page.
    • Brand Identity: Redesigned the brand identity, graphics, and marketing assets to align with the company’s vision and mission.
    • Website Redesign: Revamped the entire website to make it more engaging and user-friendly. The new design was not only visually appealing but also optimized for speed and performance.


  • Results: After three months, the company’s conversion rate boosted by 44%. The redesigned website and landing pages played a crucial role in this improvement.



Subly is an online media accessibility platform that enables equal media access. It provides tools for subtitles, captions, transcription, translation, and audio description. Whether enhancing videos or reaching a global audience, Subly simplifies media accessibility.

Project: Subly Website Optimization

  • Challenge: Subly had an outdated and unengaging website with speed issues that led to decreased organic traffic. The website also had unoptimized images and videos.
  • Approach: We focused on optimizing the website to make it more engaging. This included improving the speed of the website, optimizing images and videos, and ensuring the website passed the Core Web Vitals Assessment, which is crucial for Google’s ranking algorithm.
  • Key Enhancements:
    • Speed Optimization: Improved the website’s loading speed to enhance user experience and increase organic traffic.
    • Image and Video Optimization: Optimized media content to reduce load times and improve website performance.
    • Engaging Design: Revamped the website to make it more engaging and user-friendly.


  • Results: Our changes led to a 170% boost in website traffic and a 35% increase in conversion rate within three months. The website also successfully passed the Core Web Vitals Assessment, enhancing its visibility on Google.



Beacon is a top-rated CRM built especially for charities. It simplifies data management, automates processes, and provides a bird’s-eye view of everything happening within your organization. With features like personalized messaging, easy data imports, automated Gift Aid, and integration with online forms, Beacon transforms how charities work.

Project: Beacon CRM Website Revamp

  • Challenge: Beacon CRM, a charity-focused software provider, had an outdated website that failed to engage visitors or effectively communicate its offerings.
  • Approach: We overhauled the website to align with Beacon CRM’s new brand identity and focused on creating an engaging, user-friendly experience. The new design aimed to evoke feelings of curiosity, relief, and support among visitors.
  • Key Enhancements:
    • User-Centric Design: Created a vibrant, intuitive layout centered around user needs and challenges.
    • Customizable Features: Enhanced flexibility for easy content updates and customization.
    • Engaging Content: Developed clear, concise content focusing on how Beacon CRM solves specific problems for charities.


  • Results: Within 30 days of the website’s relaunch, Beacon CRM experienced a 52% increase in sales leads. The website’s ability to evoke curiosity, offer relief, and provide support strengthened visitors’ connection with the brand.
  • Impact: The new website transformed Beacon CRM from a mere software provider to a supportive partner for charities, helping them streamline operations and increase outreach.